Monday, October 8, 2007

Bikes in the Netherlands II

The bike are mostly with higher handles, which make the biking more comfortable. This one is quite strong. Mr. Awaara's office has bought this kind of bikes for office use, which they can sometimes check out. You might find out, there is no hand break for this bike, it is pedal break, the only inconvenience that you might take a while to get used to.

This is a foldable bike which you can fold it and take it to your train journey. For other kind of bikes if you want to take on the train, you have to buy a ticket for the traveling. It is 6 euro a day's unlimited travel.

These two are from a bike rental company. They most of the time make their bikes in brightest color, and strong.

Bikes can be personalized in many ways.

This is also a flower decorated bike, but with two seats for kids at the back!

Here is an inbuilt front seat for a kid in the front.

A much comfortable seat for kids, sometimes can hold as many as four kids in the front.

This is a newer model of the previous one. Shelter for the kids' seats is always necessary when parking since the rain comes any time.

These are a family of three, on adult with two kids. The kid sitting behind must always dream someday he/she would own his/her own bike.

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