Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bikers in the Netherlands

Bikes are part of daily life, so you see all sorts of ideas about bikes, some you might not have imagined.

This is a normal one, biking with a backpack.

Let the bike take the load of bikes - this is the typical way of carrying load. We also use this as our grocery shopping car. Some bikes have it hanging on one side, some on both sides. I always wonder the one sided bag might distort the balance of biking.

Even the front wheel can hold something. Of course these front baskets are much lighter, and more for decorating purpose. Imaging going to the Saturday market and come back with flowers in your front. Sounds like a happy ride?

Have you seen kids' bike seat on bikes? It has so many varieties, and I will try to show them all to you.

Taking kid home from school.

I always wonder at what age here kids start biking. All the time I got amazed. Look at this little girl going to the book store with her daddy. She is locking her bike before entering. There are no supporting small wheels for this bike!

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