Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturdays' street market

It has been a quiet summer for my blog - I haven't posted anything new for a long time. Although not much new posts from me on the blog, it seems that I haven't stopped checking who is visiting my site... It is nice to see that when you have some content in your blog, it is more easier for people to find you out from search engines. I always feel guilty to those of you who have been visiting my blogs regularly: I know that you must be dissapointed to see that there is no update from me.

Anyway, I am back, and wish to keep my blog writing at a steady pace, if I keep my promise. I will continue writing about my orange journey.

A big reason for not updating my blog, is because Mrs. Aawara's Mom is here for a visit during the summer time. It is her first visit in Europe and the Netherlands. However, Mr. and Mrs. Aawara were both working and did not save enough holidays for her visit. Life for her were basically staying by herself during the day time. Living in an old dutch style apartment with winding staircases, it is our fear that she would be stuck in the apartment and not wanting to go out by herself when we were working in offices. It is true, she gave up her normal early morning walk habit which she has kept for a while while living in US.

Surprisingly, she found back her fun of shopping! She goes out to the town, and visited almost every single shops. During the weekend, she would drag me to some of those shops, which I had never visited till then, and show me what she saw and ask me whether I am also interested in. She always has something in mind to buy. She complained that I don't have a proper board for making dough. So during two months she was here, she brought home two wooden cutting board. The first one turned out to deformalized after soaked a little water in. The second one is better, and more expensive. She wanted to buy Mr. Aawara a vest, but we did not agree on anyone. So it might be still hanging in her mind for other shoppings in the future.

What she enjoyed the most, is the market. On Thursdays and Saturday, there are market selling vegetables and some other cheap stuff. I have lost my interest in the market not long after I came here. It is not that cheap, and also not that good. Sometimes the supermarket has better and cheaper deals. However, being with her, we found out a great fish market close to Rotterdam Blaak station on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She thinks it is very fresh fish, according to the fish eyes. Fish eyes will be sunken if it died too long. Our big worry is that each time we can not buy much. Our little frig only has a little freezer.

Mom grew up close to the sea, and she loves sea food. She enjoys the most picking up mussels and sea-weeds, digging out shells whenever she goes to beach. She was quite dissapointed in the Scheveningen beach, there is nother for her to collect there. Her conclusion is, because there is no rocks and only sand, there is nowhere they can grow upon. She might be right. On a Tuesday, I bought some crab legs home from that Blaak market. Those crab legs were in huge size, she said she had never seen that big crab legs, they must be very old crabs. How old can a crab live?

Comparing to the suburban life in the US, small towns in Europe does have some little charms that you need to live here long enough to find out, and to enjoy!

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Rong said...

thank god you are back! i was out with my mom in hawaii for the past few days. just came back and glad to see you are back. (i was thinking: are you making baby and could not use computer??...)