Monday, June 9, 2008

Mooi Weer Spelen (Theater festival at Delft)

The past weekend in Delft was a big festival, full of street artist everywhere. It attracts crowds from everywhere, and the city center market has kept crowded for the whole weekend. Most of the programs are planned on a time table, with locations spreading all over the city. However, there are some interesting smaller skill efforts made by some individuals also attracts the crowd.

Saturday afternoon, suddenly a man dressed like a superman appeared: he wears a pair of roller skate shoes, a helmet, glass, carrying two tanks on his back. The tanks are making loud noise, and he was going to make something interesting happen. He guided the crowd around him to a street along the canal, and spread the crowd on both side of the street. He perform the high speed roller skating! As he bent forward, and start igniting the tanks on his back, it is like a jet plane, the force pushed him going forward, at a high speed with loud sound! Check out the video:

Four person dressed is bright green color costumes, fully covered while their face were formed in the shape of gas mask. They performs in a way of improvising, with posing and walking at different styles and pattern, and cooperating with each other. A little kids got scared when these four aliens walking toward him. While some older kids started making faces in front of them when they stood still for a while.

There are a group of five remodeled vehicle on display in the center of the market. They were all made seemingly out of junk yard materials, with most of the medal parts rusted looking. It also has some political connotation in their work, such as a tank hanging with radioactive symbol on it, a bomb made cart, a human skeleton sitting on top holding a black umbrella full of holes, ... They are all functioning very well! they once in a while gave a parade along the city canals.

A class of school kids joined in the crowd, in their customized birds dress. I would like to imagine that the teachers made this happen. The birds are all with different design, with kids controlling the birds' wings with two sticks. The bird is just carried on their backs, with its neck and head stretching up. The crowds just follow wherever they go.

Saturday night at 23:00pm, there was a program called Spectacular. We decided to wait and see. The sky is still bright around 10pm, and we thought they might really show some light and fireworks so that it need to be even later. Our waiting along the railing in the first row of the stage really got paid back, it was excellent show. I am posting the video I took during the show, and hope you can feel the spectacular as it was named. (It was the crane that lift those fairy ladies flying in the sky!)

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