Friday, April 18, 2008

Some online tools to share

We recently came across several online searching tools that is quite unique and helpful.

One is the song searching website, called Songza.

The site launched on November 8, 2007, and instantly generated significant buzz around the world. Hundreds of bloggers and news writers have praised its elegant user interface, beautiful design, and all-around utility. Like all good ideas, both the concept and design came to Aza while he was in the shower.

Another one is an image search engine, you might also like:

This is an search engine that allows you to search inside Flickr photos. I find it has a much better quality photo collection than the Google image search. Also, it lets you to search for 'creative commons' picture that you will be free to use. The best is it gives you thumbnails of hundreds of pictures in one page so you can easily browse through. It is even better than search within Flickr.

What these two search engines share, are their simple interfaces. When you set up your goal to search for something specific, this kind of quiet interface is really a plus in enjoying your work.

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