Monday, July 9, 2007

Hugo de Grootstraat (Grand Hugo street)

Finally, five weeks after coming to Delft, we moved to the new apartment where we signed a one year contract with. It is a nice, much bigger, and a little luxury apartment comparing to students living conditions... Well, we decided that we don't have to live like students any more.
Our landlord is a couple from Surinam and their kids have both grown up and left for their work elsewhere in the Netherlands. The husband is an active political party elected leader, in the labor party. We saw his information in a city hall published booklet, and it shows his address. That way, we already saw his information and realized he was our landloard long before we moved in.

It is the summer time and the library clost at 5:00pm. I just started writing and it seems it is the time to wrap up. Our internet at home is not working yet. We are waiting to use the University provided free internet service, so it takes a little longer to set up everything.

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