Friday, June 8, 2007

First impression on this little town

Today is the fourth day here at Delft. We came here on Monday morning, and so many things have happened, and so many new things we have experienced. Having an almost new starting of our life in the Europe, we have been thinking of writing blogs... maybe today's writing will later become my first blog post. It might be the best season for this old small town, many tourists are hanging around. We can easily hear some American accent tourists. Water lilies quietly lay on top of the cannal, with white flowers opening elegantly among those flat leaves. I am sitting in the first hotel we stays, we are not sure how many more we have to stay before we can finally find a long term rental. Kids playing behind our backyard door seem to have just left, they made the only noise i can hear from the apartment at the moment, and they are gone. It is quiet and peaceful, I am home alone. Sunday evening, we left Boston Logan airport. The whole family went to the airport to see us off. It is always sad to be separated, Jingjing put her face towards my lap, and cried... a little girl...OK, let me write the story that seems to be the first day adventrue of ours.

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